Jordan's Projects

Project NameYearDescription
Random Team Generator2021A web stack that helps generate random teams from BambooHR or slack channels
jordanhayashi.com2017One-day project to learn React. Homepage for all sites under the domain.
Hubway App2017React Native Mobile client for favoriting Hubway bikeshare stations. Published on the Apple App Store.
JSON Pretty-Printer2017Tool that pretty-prints JSON.
Request Echo2017Debugging tool that echoes requests via any method.
Interval Timer2016A timer that can be used for tabata workouts, the Pomodoro technique, etc.
Facebook Confirm2016An interception page to be set as a bookmark instead of Facebook to discourage mindless browsing
Random Restaurant Generator2016Selects a random restaurant near your location (defaults to Harvard Square if location services are disabled).
blog.jordanhayashi.com2016A custom-built personal blog and CMS.
Photography Homepage2014Homepage and portfolio site for my photography business